Jonathan Leidich

President and CEO, Patagonia Adventure Expeditions

Jonathan Leidich founded Patagonia Adventure Expeditions (PAE) in 1997. The Colorado native has spent the past 15 years working with gauchos and many others at both local and international levels to create an expanding infrastructure in the headwaters of the Rio Baker, Chile's largest river in the remote Aysén region of Patagonia. Using horses, boats, machetes, and crampons, Jonathan has pioneered routes all over the region with adventurous clients. From its inception, PAE diversified from ecotourism into science and education, creating a viable sustainable development model for Patagonia.

Jonathan has worked with scientists from all over the world on issues such as climate change, water, and energy. His most recent project has been touted as Chile's model for addressing climate change. He is working with Senator Antonio Horvath to implement a 10-year plan for Ice Field Development. The goal is to develop a sustainable local and regional economy through a common infrastructure and management plan to support cutting-edge science, education, and special-interest tourism.

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