Tim Brown

CEO and President, IDEO

Tim Brown is CEO and president of IDEO, the world's leading design consultancy, specializing in turnkey product development and innovation strategy. Prior to taking his current position in 2000, Tim led IDEO Europe from 1995 to 2000 and managed IDEO's San Francisco office from 1990 to 1995.

Tim has led strategic client relationships with such companies as Apple, NEC, Steelcase, Sony, Epson, Whirlpool, and Matsushita. He has received numerous design awards, and his designs have been exhibited at the Axis Gallery in Toronto and Design Museum in London.

Tim's special interest has been in cultivating great design and innovative thinking within multidisciplinary teams. He has been active in design education for many years, lecturing at Stanford University, Cranbrook Academy of Art, the Royal College of Art, and the University of Northumberland. Tim earned his master of design degree from the Royal College of Art in London and his BA in Design for industry from the University of Northumberland.

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