Philippa Lewis

CEO, Simavita

Philippa Lewis was appointed director of Simavita in 2007. She is the CEO and executive director of the company. Philippa has had over 30 years of local and international business experience across multiple industry sectors, including retail, healthcare, construction, international technology transfer, franchising, patent management, import, distribution, and manufacturing. In 2002, Philippa was recognized as one of the Zurich Business Leaders of the Year.

Philippa was previously the CEO and founder of Sanicare, an Australasian import and distribution business for textile-based and non-woven adult incontinence products. Under her guidance, Sanicare grew to be a market leader, with over $20M in turnover. In 2005, she sold the business to an FTSE-listed entity, staying on as CEO and director.

Philippa's academic qualifications span business and law. She is a member of the Institute of Company Directors and the Institute of Arbitration and Mediation.

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