Simon Aspinall

President of Service Provider Business, Chief Marketing Officer, Virtustream

Simon Aspinall is the president of Virtustream's International Software Business. In his role, Simon runs Virtustream's global business with enterprises, service providers, and system integrators and manages Virtustream's businesses outside the US.

Simon has built a significant business worldwide for Virtustream with enterprises, service providers, and governments. His activities have helped to drive Virtustream's expansion of its xStream software business, enterprise-class IAAS services, and cloud-managed services. As Virtustream enters new markets outside the US, Simon's role is to rapidly develop these new sectors and grow Virtustream's business through both Virtustream's direct sales team and partners. For the international software business, Simon's role is to maximize Virtustream's growth and profitability worldwide with leading enterprises, service providers, and channel partners, and also lead Virtustream's businesses outside the US. Previously, Simon has also been responsible for Virtustream's Strategy and run Virtustream's vertical markets business, and he was Virtustream's chief marketing officer.

Prior to Virtustream, Simon spent more than a decade at Cisco Systems – a cloud innovator and worldwide leader in networking. He led Cisco's global marketing for Cloud, Mobility, and Data Center (SP) businesses, where he created, developed, and executed marketing strategies and campaigns to help each business grow to over $1 billion in revenue. During his time at Cisco, Simon also held senior leadership roles in business development, technology, and sales teams in Europe, the US, and Asia. Before Cisco, he was the founder and director of an Internet incubator, Kickstart Ventures, with operations in five countries. Simon had also spent eight years at Mercer Management Consulting.

Simon holds a master's degree in Engineering and Computer Science from Oxford University and a master's degree in Business Administration from INSEAD. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and a commentator on the IT, telecom, and networking sectors.

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