Nick Pandher

Director of Market Development - Professional Graphics, AMD

Nick Pandher is the director of market development in Professional Graphics at AMD. His expertise is in developing new regions and verticals into revenue positive, including full ownership on revenue development / sales, marketing and product development.

Nick has local on-the-ground expertise in the America, Asia Pacific (extensively in Japan, Korea, Greater China, ASEAN, and Australia / New Zealand), and EMEA. He has extensive first-hand knowledge in dealing with CEMs, ODMs, and OEMs in product strategy, support, and design in requirements, as well as having full life-cycle knowledge, from specification, design, and mass products to shipment and end of life.

Nick's skill set ranges from GPU, CPU/SOC, and VDI/DAAS/Remote Graphics to general system design on many areas of computing and consumer electronics. He understands customer development cycles and technology introduction and selection from an executive level all the way to decision makers in engineering and marketing. He is experienced in taking products from the "This is what we want" phase all the way to production, and then helping develop field marketing and sales to ensure product success and meet revenue targets.

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Speaker at FiRe 2017

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