Chris Lewicki

CEO, Planetary Resources

Chris Lewicki has been intimately involved with the lifecycle of NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers and the Phoenix Mars Lander, having performed system-engineering development and participated in assembly, test, and launch operations for both Mars missions. He was flight director for the rovers Spirit and Opportunity, and surface mission manager for the Phoenix. The recipient of two NASA Exceptional Achievement medals, Chris has an asteroid named in his honor: 13609 Lewicki.

At Planetary Resources, Chris is responsible for the strategic development of the company's mission and vision, and engagement with customers and the scientific community. He also serves as technical compass and leads day-to-day operations.

Planetary Resources' long-term mission is to "expand humanity's economy into the Solar System" by developing and deploying the technologies to extend Earth's natural resource base through asteroid mining. The company is developing and deploying commercial robotic spacecraft technology, first for Earth orbit; after demonstration of core technology, telescopic observation capability, deep space laser communications, and propulsion, the company will deploy the Arkyd series to near-Earth asteroid targets of commercial interest.

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