James Ryan

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, ÉlpisÉremo Inc.

James Ryan is the co-founder and executive chairman of ÉlpisÉremo Inc. He has deep knowledge and experience in the development of regenerative medicine technologies, with nearly two decades of pioneering research and development of cutting-edge technology and clinical translation of various regenerative medicine products.

In 1998, James established JIG, the first pluripotent stem-cell company in Japan, to develop a cure for his son, Jimmy. In 2000, he established a partnership with the Reproductive Genetics Institute (RGI) and in 2004 established and served as CEO of Asclepius Therapeutics, the world's first patient-specific pluripotent stem cell - a joint venture with Dr. Yury Verlinsky. James recently served as CEO of iHorus Inc.

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Speaker at FiRe 2017

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