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at war
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SNS: At War, Part I


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FiRe 2019 is all about helping you anticipate pivots, trends, and tipping points in an increasingly volatile and unexpected world.

How will the future of genetics and the climate crisis impact the global economy and the future of your business? How and when will general AI evolve? And what's the real story about the future of 5G? You'll find all of this - and more - at FiRe 2019, including:

The Era of International

o   Dmitri Alperovitch, Co-Founder and CTO, CrowdStrike

Tunnel Vision: Foundational Issues
   in AI

o   Jeff Loucks, Executive Director, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Center, Deloitte

o   Paul Maher, General Manager, Microsoft

Incubating Creative Solutions to the World's Most Difficult Problems

o   Susi Snyder, Nobelist and President, ICAN

Autonomous Vehicles As a Strategic National Asset

o   Bob Flores,CEO, Applicology Inc., and former CTO, CIA

o   Georg Kopetz, CEO, TTTech Auto AG

Decoding the Microbiome

o   Kimberly Prather, Distinguished Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry, UC San Diego

o   Rob Knight, Founding Director, Center for Microbiome Innovation, and Professor, Pediatrics and Computer Science and Engineering, UC San Diego

o   Jack Gilbert, Professor, UCSD School of Medicine and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Group Leader for Microbial Ecology, Argonne National Laboratory

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FiRe 2019 Speaker Spotlight: Georg Kopetz
on Autonomous Vehicles as a Strategic National Asset

As CEO of TTTech Group, Georg Kopetz is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of a sweeping portfolio of TTTech companies that provide realtime networking platforms and controls to improve the safety and reliability of Internet of Things and automated driving systems. Headquartered in Vienna, TTTech Group currently employs more than 1,700 across Europe, Asia, and North America and is featured in products from Airbus, Boeing, and wind power market leader Vestas to NASA's Orion spacecraft, among others.

Under Kopetz's watchful eye, TTTech Auto has partnered with AUDI AG, Samsung Electronics, Infineon Technologies AG, and GE Ventures on the implementation of partially autonomous driving using its MotionWise safety software platform. A recently launched joint venture with SAIC, the largest Chinese auto manufacturer, will build units based on MotionWise.

We're delighted to welcome Georg to the stage at Future in Review 2019 for a conversation about autonomous vehicles as a strategic national asset and how the current spike in investment is driving a platform for the world's most strategic technologies.

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Last week's Special Alert: SNS: It's a War


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SNS Subscriber Edition Special Alert Friday, August 9th, 2019

***SNS Special Alert***
It's a War

To All SNS Members:

Our plan for this week was to issue a Global Report on the questions nearly everyone is posing today: What's Next? Whether you are an investor, manager, politician, or just plain curious, the world is waiting and worrying about the answer to that question.

But something happened during my writing of this issue which changed both the size of the task, and its subject importance. In starting with what the media call the Trade War, and which we call the Tariff War, it rapidly became clear during research and pattern analysis that these titles and thoughts were insufficient to the challenges the world now faces.

Why are so many things going wrong at once? Why are so many areas of enterprise and investment suddenly fraught with concern and uncertainty?  

Are there, in fact, ANY areas of current living that are not?

It was at this point, after much serious thought, that I came to the conclusion that we are not even in what we've been calling an "economic war."  

Specifically, one should ask, Why do countries go to war? Answer: Money, power, territory. China's model has provided a path to all three, without firing a shot. In fact, in the traditional sense of war, it is the last thing China wants (since it would lose).  

If one fights wars to get these three things, and China has found a way to get them without traditional warfare, where does that leave us? First, that China will never declare war with its victims; after all, it needs them. And second, that we should, if not declare war, at least recognize that we are already engaged in a state of war.

And while I deeply respect those in the Pentagon and armed forces everywhere, who insist on using the term only when live ammunition is involved, next week we will be describing the fact that we are now at war. 

I am writing to you on a Friday, a day one does not dedicate to the publishing of important issues. I would ask you to forgive us therefore for putting this discussion forward until early next week, when I hope you will take the time to read your next volume of the Global Report: "SNS: At War."


At War
Part I

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." Sun Tzu (545 BC-470 BC)

When one of your neighbors, who has always been poor, suddenly starts showing off fancy cars, boats, and major house improvements, it's jarring when you discover that he's running a crack house. Sure, the all-night neighborhood champagne pool parties are fun, but it doesn't bother you that much when the police finally haul him away in a windowless van. Things will not be the same - but that is, you realize, a very good thing.

Two weeks ago, we released the once top-secret cabinet-level briefing book by Evan Anderson titled "Theft Nation." We sent it to all SNS members for free, and for free redistribution, which was quite a discount to the price the day before on the SNS website: $5,000 per copy. We did this because it was time that everyone have all of the information available on China's illegal and fraudulent national business model. This work had long ago been recognized by the top China experts at the US Department of Justice as the best work ever done on the subject. My friend Sir Richard Dearlove, past head of Britain's MI6, characterized my description of the problems posed by China's actions as "the best briefing on China I've seen in a non-classified setting."

When we started the SNS division called INVNT/IP (Inventing Nations vs. Nation-Sponsored Theft of IP,, very few knew about China's practices (i.e., no one in the media) or their costs or effects on their trading partners (victims). Today, everyone is fairly well informed.

Given that state of improved understanding, it has been hard to comprehend the casual disregard that global corporations and country leaders alike have shown after learning that a major global player has literally stolen its way into its current wealth state.  Specifically, China:


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