SNS: Jeff Bezos in His Prime


Volume 17, Issue 24
Week of June 30, 2014
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Feature: Jeff Bezos in His Prime

  • Like Barnes & Noble?
  • Like Walmart? Like Costco?
  • Like Apple? Like Netflix? Like Microsoft?
  • Like Alibaba?
  • Amazon Prime

Quotes of the Week
Takeout Window

  • The “Not Steve” Product Launch Award
  • What Amazon Sells

Upgrades and Numbers

  • China’s “1-Way Trade” Tech Strategy

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SNS Members Making News

What is Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen – now Jeff Bezos – thinking? Or, rather: What does Jeff Bezos want? Or, perhaps even more to the point: What doesn’t Jeff want? This is the question that all of the world’s merchants would like answered. And they are not alone; surely this is also true for the world’s banks, film studios, book publishers, authors, credit card companies, clothing manufacturers, and a nearly infinite number of other providers of products and services, all of whose wares will either flow through Amazon or be out-competed by it.

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