SNS: MALT: A New Killer Category


Volume 16, Issue 42
Week of November 18, 2013

In This Issue
Feature: MALT: A New Killer Category

  • Micromapping and Advertising: Love and Marriage
  • Location
  • Transactions
  • MALT: The New Killer Category

Quotes of the Week

  • China Threatens the World
  • Cisco Numbers: We Warned You, John
  • The Kennedy Assassination Demystified

Takeout Window

  • Recent Figures on Chinese Fraud
  • The New Microsoft:The Microsoft Cybercrime Center
  • Magnets vs. Transistors
  • Japan: The Whale Meat Business in Color (Research Not)

In Case You Missed It…
Members Making News

I love surprises. But I also know that the opposite is true for technology and finance executives. There is an entirely new category of wireless smartphone applications about to be launched, with the potential of making staggering amounts of money. The entrenched players will fight tooth and nail, and the international stakes for money and power are enormous. The technology would appear to have been virtually all finished, and the initial rollout is done. Yet no one has heard about it. Surprise!But wait – there’s more: I’m not sure that even the company behind it knows what it has. One reason to consider that indeed it might? The comparative stealth, until now, of this whole project.

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