SNS: Platform Wars: Who Wins


Volume 16, Issue 14
Week of April 15, 2013
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Feature: Platform Wars: Who Wins

  • Follow the Business Model
  • Countries vs. Companies
  • E-Commerce: The Sing Sing Model
  • Smartphones
  • The Long-Term Question

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Last week I had the opportunity of speaking on a panel for the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest on the subject of “platform wars.” Our task was to pick winners from among “Microsoft vs. Google (Samsung) vs. Apple vs. Amazon vs. Facebook” and any others on the horizon. My fellow discussants were Al Hilwa, program director at IDC, and Steve Tapia, senior corporate counsel at DIREC TV Sports Networks.

MIT asked me to do an interview before the event as a preview of my thoughts; it can be found here:<>

Since the media is already full of the importance and debate over this Gladiator Wars-like question, I will skip most of the run-up and debate which I consider spurious to the outcomes. In fact, I’ll start by stating the only real issue that I think matters for those investors, employees, software developers, customers, and product people trying to make smart bets: Follow the business models.

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