SNS: Q4 2013: Wireless AORTA: The Fourth Place


Volume 16, Issue 40
Week of November 4, 2013
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Feature: Q4 2013: Wireless AORTA: The Fourth Place

  • Defining the Bandwidth
  • “The Fourth Place”: You

Quotes of the Week

  • The Chinese National Business Model: Foreigners Out?
  • The Science of Internet Assistance, According to Allen

Takeout Window

  • The H1B Visa Problem: Lying About Use
  • Turning a Bad Idea into a Dangerous One

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There are many times when technological change brings unintended consequences. As we move into an era of very high bandwidth everywhere, everything is about to change. At this stage in global technological history, most of us are used to the idea of wireless access to the Internet. What we are not quite prepared for is the phase we are entering now: wireless communications with such high bandwidth that its use becomes purely reflexive, a natural part of our behavior. Moreover, while we are used to having “good” bandwidth in hotspots here and there, virtually none of us is quite prepared for a world in which our bandwidth is transformed from an “island-hopping” experience to an expected aspect of the environment.Having experienced what Always On Real Time Access (AORTA) feels like in the wired world, we are now about to have the same bandwidth exposure through a ubiquitous wireless infrastructure. More important, the coming era of Wireless AORTA is about to completely change how we behave, and how we relate to both the world of bits and the world of atoms.

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