SNS: Redesigning Television: Part I


Volume 16, Issue 24
Week of July 8, 2013
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Feature: Redesigning Television: Part I

  • The TV Ecosystem Today
  • Networks vs. Local Stations
  • The Hardware, and the Little Boxes
  • Content Is King
  • The Software

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  • Gene Patents

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  • The New TV Hardware

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Although it isn’t only about money, it really is all about the money. So let’s start with the big number: last year, in the US alone, vendors spent $74B on television advertising.

OK, we got that out of the way. Television is in the middle of a revolution. But given this undeniable fact, it is remarkable how little television has changed in the last few decades. Even when the world’s most amazing change artists – Steve Jobs, for instance, or Google, or Amazon – have taken a run at this issue, not much has changed.

This is unusual, if not amazing. And yet everyone, literally, believes that TV is undergoing the most radical revolution it has ever experienced. Is it? If so, we haven’t yet seen the result.

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