SNS: Special Letter: Designing the Next Internets


Volume 18, Issue 27
Week of July 22, 2015

In This Issue
Feature: Special Letter: Designing The Next Internets

  • The Inherent Flaw in Today’s Internet Security Models
  • Offense vs. Defense
  • The Reprivata “Shift” Solution
  • Securing Nets Now
  • About Daniel Gasparro

Publisher’s Note: Most informed telecoms engineers (and technically sophisticated Net users) have come to the conclusion that security on the Internet, as it’s designed today, ranges from the impractical to the impossible. Sure, the NSA and Snowden’s leaks have led the big tech companies to look at (and implement) end-to-end encryption, something FBI director Jim Comey lamented in a speech last night as being “uncrackable” by his teams, at least in the mobile messaging world.But the sad state of affairs in most Net-based communications is that they are completely fraught, with near-zero chance of real security.Many now believe that we will have to either re-deploy a new Net, designed from the beginning to be secure, or that there will be private, secure Nets operating side by side with the insecure, public Internet.In either scenario, the ideas and solutions put forward in today’s issue, by a global expert on network security, provide a ray of hope, and a path to follow, in moving from complete insecurity to relatively safe and secure communications. Personally, I can’t wait. – mra. 

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