SNS: Special Letter: Disrupting Markets With Big Data And Collective Impact


Volume 16, Issue 8
Week of February 25, 2013
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Feature: Special Letter: Disrupting Markets With Big Data And Collective Impact

  • From Ants to Sociology
  • Enter “Big Data”
  • Expectations Transference for Consumers
  • Trust and Identity Management
  • The New Political Reality
  • Eliminating Waste
  • More than GDP: Rotation Matters
  • What to Do?
  • Related Links
  • About the Author

Publisher’s Note: Everyone has heard the Big Data drumbeat this year, from the halls of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to EMC’s incessant marketing machine. It started a few years ago as the industry’s coinage for the Next Big Thing, as all the major players were gearing up their server and storage offerings. Then it moved into its own reality, as we shifted from decades of Data Analytics into the true religion of planet-loads of unstructured data, and the true (or sometimes imagined) benefits of what we can obtain from processing all of it. Today, as we build out a digitized planet in every sense (the theme of this year’s FiRe Conference), the amount of data, and potential knowledge, available to humans is staggering – and easily far beyond our ability to comprehend its meaning, or what actions may be required.

Whether we are adding data-center layers in order to facilitate the conversion from raw data to information or searching for a revolutionary new interface to help us make sense of the results, it is obvious that we are in need of new approaches to data processing to make this all make sense, justify the cost, and bring our understanding to a new level. Thankfully, Jay Leon, a longtime member and CEO with a deep understanding of distribution, has brought us a view of those next steps. I found it fascinating and new, and I think all of you will as well. – mra

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