SNS: Special Letter: Finding Security in the Cloud


Volume 16, Issue 39
Week of October 28, 2013
In This Issue
Feature: Special Letter: Finding Security in the Cloud

  • The Sixties and the Cloud
  • The Rise of the “As-a-Service” Model
  • Enter the Enterprise-Class Cloud
  • Key Tenets of the Enterprise-Class Cloud
  • “Cloud” Is Different Things to Different People
  • Lessons from History
  • Bonus Materials
  • About Simon Aspinall

Publisher’s Note: SNS members may recall our first meetings on cloud computing at the Future in Review conference, back before most people had even heard of this new compute platform. It wasn’t long afterward that our Cloud Ambassador, Greg Ness, joined FiRe panel members along with others, including SNS member Vint Cerf, to form the Infrastructure 2.0 Working Group, to repair some hidden security and operating flaws in the nexus between enterprise networks and data center platforms. Today, everyone is talking cloud computing, but the issue of security continues to drive the conversation around corporate adoption. While it is obvious that startups have terrific benefit in public cloud use through scalability, it is equally obvious that Fortune 500 firms are not putting their crown jewels into someone else’s hands.The result: the current public/private hybrid cloud, again offered early to our members at FiRe, and now omnipresent as the preferred cloud option.Clearly, in all of this history, security is front and center. For that reason alone, I believe our members will find this week’s Special Letter to be of direct use. – mra.

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