SNS: Special Letter: Mobile Voice and Natural Language Understanding: Revolution or Evolution?


Volume 16, Issue 15
Week of April 22, 2013
In This Issue
Feature: Mobile Voice and Natural Language Understanding

  • The Catalysts for Voice
  • Measuring How Far Voice Recognition Has Come
  • The Year of the Natural Language Understanding Application
  • Smarter NLU… or AI?
  • NLU Means Direct Access
  • How Do We Want to Talk to Our Devices?
  • A Network of Services – and Devices
  • Mobile Devices Becoming More Aware
  • The Car: Just Another Mobile Device?
  • Voice in the Livingroom
  • The Transformation of Customer Care
  • Mobile Voice and NLU in Healthcare
  • So… Is It a Revolution or an Evolution?
  • About the Author


Publisher’s Note: If there is one technology in the world which would seem to hold the key to liberating the human-compute connection, it is voice recognition; and if there is one person in the world who knows most about this link, it is likely Vlad Sejnoha, CTO at Nuance. Most of us have spent a lifetime waiting for this technology to reach maturity, but Vlad is a star in the world of those who have made it happen.

But as SNS members will see from our issue this week, Vlad’s interest in this technology goes far beyond VR and into what we have started calling “meta biometrics.” I doubt that there is a major technology provider today that is not interested in getting this into its products in one way or another, nor is there a major consumer or enterprise company that is not on the hunt for how this can be used to improve its own customer relations – and profits.

As Vlad’s efforts lead to ever-greater understanding of man-machine communications, and of the information content in our own voices, the value of this work climbs exponentially. – mra.

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