SNS: Special Letter: The Impact and Evolution of Mobile Communications


Volume 17, Issue 8
Week of February 24, 2014

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Feature: Special Letter: The Impact and Evolution of Mobile Communications

  • Mobile As the Great Enabler
  • Smart Mobile People
  • Smart Mobile Things
  • Technology Revolution
  • Characterizing the Impact
  • Optimizing the Future
  • About Mary Jesse

Publisher’s Note: When one enters a world as strategically important as “the future of wireless,” there are a growing number of specialists, a vast number of wannabe experts, and a few people who really understand the potentials of the technology, from both a use case and a technical perspective. I’ve found that those in this last group are often pioneers, part of the early teams who had to build cellular networks and devices from the bottom up. They also, for this reason, often come from one of two places: San Diego, the home of mobile chip giant Qualcomm, or Seattle/Bellevue, the home of the first cellular companies in the world. Like the “eBay Mafia” in the Bay Area, McCaw Cellular has left in its wake tens or hundreds of companies started by those who were involved early in Craig McCaw’s exploits. Companies such as Cellular One, AT&T Wireless, Western Wireless, and T-Mobile come to mind, but there are countless more, and more pioneers beyond that who have been recruited by the “hoovering branches” (recruiting-driven offices) of Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other Valley firms looking to Seattle/Bellevue for mobile expertise. Mary Jesse’s pedigree fits all of these sought-after descriptions, and more: as founder, chair, and CEO of Ivycorp, she also runs one of this year’s special FiReStarter Companies, which we will showcase at FiRe 2014. And while I have no doubt that our members will quickly come to appreciate Mary’s experience and “DNA” for the world of mobile and where it is going, I believe that it is her obvious intelligence that makes Mary, and the views she expresses here, most valuable. All in all, this is one of the best pieces I have read on the sharpest end of the technology spear, and it is no surprise that Mary is the author. Mobile now drives almost every part of the computing and communications product portfolio, and those who wish to get a deeper understanding of its direction will be glad they read this week’s issue. – mra.

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