SNS: The Internet of Other Things


Volume 17, Issue 16
Week of April 21, 2014
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Feature: The Internet of Other Things

  • E-Commerce
  • Email
  • ID Theft
  • Video and Audio Piracy
  • Trade Secrets
  • The Internet of Other Things
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  • Intel’s Chip Results, As Income and Revenue per Sector

Upgrades and Numbers

  • Intel Numbers
  • Russia and History Lesson No. 1: Chechnya, Crimea, and Ukraine
  • NSA/Snowden and History Lesson No. 2: Echelon
  • Here Comes 5G: Less About Frequencies, More About Bandwidth

In Case You Missed It…
SNS Members Making News

There is no question that the large ship of technology funding and planning has shifted toward the Internet of Things. From the smallest startups (remember cute little NEST?) to the largest IT companies in the world, the IoT has taken front-and-center interest among those planning on making near-term profits as every possible device becomes smart and connected. This parade of technical progress, driven almost entirely by the expansion of the Internet, has reached into every part of global commerce and individual lives, and there is no debate about the power and benefits this expansion has allowed. From SNS member and Oracle president Mark Hurd’s description in last week’s issue of how enterprise employees are empowered by the IoT, to startup SpaceCurve’s new platform for real-time management of the Big Data that IoT will bring, the world of technology is rapidly transforming to mirror the challenges and benefits of the IoT.

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