SNS: The Mobile Global Computer


Volume 16, Issue 35
Week of September 30, 2013
In This Issue
Feature: The Mobile Global Computer

  • The Global Computer
  • The Malware Path: The First Mobile Botnet Trojan
  • For Good or Ill?
  • Data-Driven Programming

Quotes of the Week
Takeout Window

  • – The Android Botnet Strikes
  • – Number of Smartphones Sold in Q2, by Vendor
  • – Number of Smartphones Sold in Q2, by OS
  • – Tipping Point in Smartphone vs. Feature Phones
  • – Total Number of Mobile Phones Sold in Q2
  • – Features in the Installed Base of Mobile Phones
  • – Number of Cars Produced in 2011
  • – LTE Adoption Growth Rate

In Case You Missed It…
Members Making News

We have just built the world’s most powerful computer, but no one has used it yet. What is even more amazing: no one even knows it exists.A Google search on this week’s title’ issues zero results – other than misplaced shopping carts and retail sites. Now that we have published, that should change.

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