SNS: The Next Assistant


Volume 16, Issue 30
Week of August 19, 2013
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Feature: The Next Assistant

  • It Isn’t Easy
  • Getting It Right
  • Business Issues

Quotes of the Week

  • Cisco’s Arc

Takeout Window

  • Tesla Grabs Highest Safety Score Ever

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Members Making News

There haven’t been’ that many times in technology history when so many fates have depended on a single software application.What if it turned out that the fates of Apple Computer, Nokia, the country of Finland, Microsoft Corp., Google (to some degree), Nuance, and many other firms were all linked through the success or failure of their work in one category? As far as I can tell, it is.Welcome to the next virtual assistant, or what SNS members would call Internet Assistant III. What is IA III, and why is it/he/she different from past versions?

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