SNS: When Windows Tanks


Volume 16, Issue 16
Week of April 29, 2013
In This Issue
Feature: When Windows Tanks

  • Why Microsoft Is Right, and Why Windows 8 Is Wrong
  • Bill’s Strategy at the Old Microsoft
  • Are PCs Dying?
  • What Happens to Microsoft?
  • What Happens to the Industry?
  • From a Higher Vantage Point

Quotes of the Week

  • “Google Now” Takes On Siri
  • Intel’s New Leaders

Takeout Window

  • Desktop OS Marketing Share
  • Microsoft Stock Performance
  • “Google Now” Comes to the iPhone and iPad: Look Out, Siri
  • The Microsoft Surface RT
  • Rupert’s Intellectual Damage


I recently found myself asking fellow panelists at an MIT Forum what would happen if Windows 8 just didn’t take off. There was a conversational pause, so I asked again. No takers. Perhaps it was because we were in Seattle, but no one wanted to talk about the elephant in the room.

It’s quite likely that Windows 8 will be a bomb. If no one buys it, then what? What will happen to Microsoft, and what will happen to the rest of the computer industry? This seems to me to be a critical strategic issue facing everyone involved. While there are currently online arguments about the level of sales, and why they are falling short, I haven’t seen the larger, much more important question raised regarding what happens if the whole thing just tanks.

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