SNS: The Alibaba IPO: The Other Side


Volume 17, Issue 34
Week of September 8, 2014
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Feature: The Alibaba IPO: The Other Side

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  • The 2014 Ebola Outbreak in Western Africa

Upgrades and Numbers

  • The “Unnovation” Economy: Copying the Thieves
  • T-Mobile Sues Huawei
  • An Open Letter to Petro O. Poroshenko: How Putin Thinks
  • An Open Letter to David Cameron
  • Ebola: Out of Control

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SNS Members Making News

Sometime in the next week or two, the most important event since global plates drifted apart will take place – if media coverage is any indicator. I refer, of course, to Alibaba’s over-hyped initial public offering (IPO).

For months now, during a time when most firms in a similar position would be in “quiet period,” the company has been running what looks like an intercontinental public relations campaign to make sure it is in the headlines day-in, day-out. No doubt, most of our members are asking: “Should I invest?”In this issue, we won’t answer that question (directly). But, unlike all of the major business media, we’ll take a colder look at the company and its new offering: no breathless hype, no sycophancy, but a more systematic view of what’s happening in, and around, this event.

Let’s look at this story from a number of different viewpoints, and then judge the overall picture when we’re done.

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