SNS: Wireless Woes: Demand Slaughters Supply


Volume 17, Issue 41
Week of November 3, 2014
In This Issue
Feature: Wireless Woes: Demand Slaughters Supply

  • The Great Disconnect
  • The Problem with Mobile: Both “Up To” and “Out To”
  • The Small vs. the Backhaul
  • Enter the Dragons

Quotes of the Week
Takeout Window

  • UK 4G/LTE Speeds Dive As Subscribers Increase
  • Going to Small Cells, Buildings First
  • Cisco Fires, Huawei Hires
  • Huawei Makes It, But Who Invented It?
  • Lower Tech: Making Broadband by Aggregating Channels

Upgrades and Numbers

  • Expanding Distribution of INVNT/IP’s “The Pulse”
  • The World’s First 3D-Printed Graphene Battery
  • Ferroelectric Transistors?

In Case You Missed It…
SNS Members Making News

My flight landed at an international airport recently, and I immediately turned on my smartphone. Plenty of bars, LTE, all good to go, except – nothing was happening. No Net, no email. Was I in the Twilight Zone? No, I was in an airport, which, it turns out, is worse.

I also recently traveled to Australia, where my Verizon US account turned me over to Optus. In five days on the ground – including downtown Melbourne and Sydney – I never got enough bandwidth to download mail; I had to do all my “real” work through Wi-Fi systems. In a story this week on LTE rollouts – which have already happened all over the continent – it turns out that all of Europe is suffering from a bandwidth shortage.

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