SNS: Asia Letter, Q2 2014


Volume 17, Issue 10
Week of March 10, 2014
In This Issue
Feature: Asia Letter, Q2 2014

  • Smart Cities: Urban Development Planning in Asia
  • Environmental Social Governance: Why Not?
  • Turkey and East Asia
  • Japan and Russia
  • China and Ukraine
  • Chinese Agricultural Imports: Abandoning Self-Sufficiency
  • Fukushima: The Problem That Won’t Go Away
  • About Scott Foster

Publisher’s Note: Everyone knows that energy drives global politics – unless something else does that week. As the planet watches Vladimir Putin send masked Russian infantry into Ukraine, the strategists are calculating natural gas supplies, prices, and pipelines to figure out the endgame.

This week, SNS Asia Editor Scott Foster takes a close and detailed look at country plans and hopes in the worlds of sustainability and energy, from vendor to customer, supply source to demand center. While some may find too much detail here, others will delight in their first exposure to who and what are really running things today in Asia, and which other parts of the world are involved.Whether you are watching China in Turkey, Singapore’s lead in Smart Cities, or the Japan-Russia defense pact, all of it ultimately keys off energy, all of it matters, and, in my view, all of it is fascinating and useful. – mra.

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