SNS: Q4 2013: The Christmas Quarter


Volume 16, Issue 38
Week of October 21, 2013
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Feature: Q4 2013: The Christmas Quarter

  • The Role of Texas in the Global Economy
  • The Technology View

Quotes of the Week

  • Apple Without Steve: The Line Extension Company
  • Silicon Valley vs. Redmond

Takeout Window

  • The SIA Statistics on Global Sales
  • Another Leading Indicator
  • Apple’s New iPads, Q4 Likely Sales Leaders

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Members Making News

Every year, we put out an issue on what to expect in the fourth quarter, the most important in the year to technology executives and the investors who follow them. While every end-of-year has its unique twists and challenges, few will be surprised to hear my perspective this time around: this is perhaps the most confused set of forces at work that I have seen in a long time. While the surface of the waters is relatively calm, there are currents moving in every possible direction just beneath the surface, each with the potential to cause serious volatility.

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