SNS: The Big Shift


Volume 16, Issue 28
Week of August 5, 2013
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Feature: The Big Shift
Quotes of the Week

  • Abenomics Deconstructed
  • German Pols vs. German Business: Chinese Solar Panel Dumping Rewarded

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  • Top 5 Smartphone Vendors by Volume
  • The Inventing World’s New Billboard?

In Case You Missed It…
Members Making News

I ran into Todd Bradley from Hewlett-Packard at Brainstorm last week. He, perhaps alone among the many participants, had the hardest time coming up with a business card. This is understandable: Todd has just been reassigned from running what had been the world’s largest PC operation to trying to fix things in China. The words “daunting” and “fraught” come to mind…

…Is it possible that we are not running out of great inventors, but rather, the business models to enable them?

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