SNS: The Future of Bitcoin


Volume 16, Issue 45
Week of December 16, 2013
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Feature: The Future of Bitcoin

  • Benefits of a Digital Currency
  • Dangers of a Digital Currency
  • The Country View: What Is a Currency For?
  • The Valley Goes Bitcoin

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  • Diagram of a Bitcoin Transaction

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If you’ve never heard of Satoshi Nakamoto, that’s no excuse, even if the likelihood of his existence is close to zero. There is an exponentially growing crowd of investors in the Bitcoin system who hope – and perhaps believe – that this digital currency will prove more substantial than the pseudonymous name of its inventor. Hardly a day passes when I am not asked what I think about Bitcoin – as a technology, as an investment, as a currency for transactions, perhaps even as the coolest thing to talk about over this year’s turn at holiday cocktail parties. But, as news comedian Jon Stewart once pointed out to over-the-top TV stock-picker Jim Cramer after listing his failures and statistical losses: “It’s not a game.” At least, not to the newbies now piling into Bitcoins without a much better chance of understanding what they own, or what to expect, than if they were purchasing shares of neutrinos.

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