SNS: The SNS Big Shift Part II


Volume 17, Issue 28
Week of July 28, 2014
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Feature: The SNS Big Shift Part II

  • The SNS Big Shift, Part I
  • The SNS Big Shift, Part II
  • Smartphones vs. Pads
  • India, Asia, and Purchasing Parity
  • Emerging vs. Developed Nations

Quotes of the Week
Takeout Window

  • The New BlackBerry Passport
  • SNS Big Shift: Demographics vs. Income

Upgrades And Numbers

  • Carbon Goes Solar
  • Forbes Sells Out

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The SNS Big Shift, Part I

In my original predictions regarding the SNS Big Shift (“SNS: The Big Shift,” August 8, 2013), I described the effects of the commercial pressures flowing out of Chinas national business model (and, to a lesser degree, those of South Korea and Japan) on future sales of technology hardware. I suggested that companies from Inventing Nations with quarterly reporting requirements would have difficulty competing with companies from Infomercantilist Nations, as the former had to show real net and operating profits, with good operating margins, while the latter had little-to-no pressure to do the same….

The SNS Big Shift, Part II

In this issue, we’ll look at another aspect of this tectonic shift in markets and shares. Now, we’ll be interested not in the national business models driving these trends, but in demographics, which are the second most powerful set of influencers in product acceptance.

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