SNS: Special Letter: The Second Internet Revolution: Bringing Democracy Up To Speed


Volume 17, Issue 16
Week of April 28, 2014

In This Issue
Feature: Special Letter: The Second Internet Revolution: Bringing Democracy Up To Speed

  • Mobile and Messaging in Democracy
  • The Second Internet Revolution, and Real Change in Democracy
  • $3.9 Billion on Outdated Election Technology
  • Voting As a “Mission-Critical” Industry: A Business Concept Is Born
  • The First Internet Revolution and Mobile Drive Adoption
  • The First Security Challenge
  • Raising the Bar of Security and Reliability for Mission-Critical Cloud Solutions
  • Internet Security Is Not Enough
  • The Reality of SaaS and Mobile in Elections Today
  • What’s Next?

Publisher’s Note: Although most Americans probably missed it, many others outside the US took notice when the Carter Institute, the world’s most respected arbiter of free and fair elections, failed to certify the Bush v. Gore 2000 presidential election. The US election system had fallen behind much of the rest of the democratic world in its most important political process.

This week’s issue describes how we might bring elections and voting into the 21st century, enabling increased fairness and objectivity in the ongoing struggle for real democratic government. Everyone Counts has just been selected as a FiReStarter Company for 2014, and this is largely because of the vital need to get the voting process “right.” The importance of egality, inclusion, and security in the election process is central to the process of democratic government.

Getting this done is the prime focus behind the company.I think our members will be impressed with CEO Lori Steele Contorer’s approach to the critical security issues behind past, current, and future voting regimes. The ability to conduct secure elections in real-time may well be the most important political enabler of our time, as we move past Arab Spring-like events into the shadowy world of the Ukraine crisis. Would this technology, and its ability to roll out secure voting quickly, have saved Ukraine from its now-obvious demolition at the hands of Russia? Perhaps not, but – perhaps so, as the Russians rush to cast another Crimea-like independence vote, prior to voting for another Crimea-like annexation (or something like it) with Russia.I know our members will find this week’s issue, and the economic, technical, and political tides that surround it, fascinating and important. – mra.

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