SNS: Science Into Technology


Volume 17, Issue 14
Week of April 7, 2014
In This Issue
Feature: Science Into Technology

  • Genetics
  • Cancer
  • Fixing Healthcare I
  • Fixing Healthcare II
  • Graphene, Graphene, Graphene
  • Advanced Weapons I
  • Advanced Weapons II
  • Deep Science I
  • Deep Science II

Quotes of the Week

  • Chinese IP Theft: The Economist Gets It; CEOs Don’t
  • Stock Values #1: A Tech Wreck, or Just “Zucked”?
  • Stock Values #2: The China Syndrome

Takeout Window

  • We Told You Fox News Coverage Was Neither Fair Nor Balanced – Nor True
  • Lasers Go to Sea

In Case You Missed It…
SNS Members Making News

Although it takes less than a genius to add time-lining to a social networking site, it is still hard not to feel a bit amazed at the pace of scientific discovery and its subsequent conversion into useful applications. For technoids, the pace of real innovation used to be centered around personal computers, servers, pads, and smartphones – i.e., computing and communications device features. But for the last few years, that innovation has gone instead into making things smaller and cheaper, but not terrifically different.

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