SNS: The Ultimate Biocomputer: Brain or Cell? Part I


Volume 18, Issue 3
Week of January 19, 2015

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Feature: The Ultimate Biocomputer: Brain or Cell? Part I

  • Understanding Neurons
  • The Internal Design
  • The Grand Design

Quotes of the Week
Takeout Window

  • Malware Going Exponential

Upgrades and Numbers

  • Russia at War: Ukraine
  • Elon Musk Re-Visions Teledesic

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SNS Members Making News

We have been writing about the importance of pattern recognition since 1995 – and, more recently, about the need for Pattern Recognition Processor (PRP) chips to do this specific task in computing (“SNS: The Most Important Chip Not Yet Invented,” 2.12.13). SNS members have followed the recent spate of announcements in the fields of neuromorphic processors, brain-inspired design, neural networks, and artificial intelligence (which still seems like a misnomer). Clearly, from DARPA to Google, from IBM to Qualcomm, from the Allen Institutes to the EU Brain Project, something is afoot: the world has decided that biomimicry is the way to go in moving computing forward. We’re copying (or “inspired by”) the brain.

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