SNS Events

Mark Hurd & Mark Anderson FiRe 2012

The Future in Review (FiRe) Conferences

First held in 2003, and immediately called “the best technology conference in the world” by the Economist, the annual Future in Review Conferences are exceptional in their breadth and depth. Speakers and participants are global, and often share roles, with a bias favoring action. FiRe is covered by alliance partner BBC World News, with its 40MM audience, and is streamed live to global mirror sites in London, Shanghai, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and other locations.

FiRe includes the well-known “FiRe CTO Design Challenge,” a multi-day design effort by selected CTOs, geared toward solving large-scale real-world problems. Results of the first year of these efforts are now being applied in fighting urban wildfires in San Diego County, Austin, and Australia.

FiReGlobal Conferences

These events offer regional attendees a focus on their own problem sets, addressed by global thought leaders: “Local problems with global solutions.”

SNS Dinners

Mixing business leaders and policymakers in carefully chosen settings. Examples are the SNS West Coast Dinners, held in San Francisco, and the SNS London Dinners.


The SNS Annual New York Predictions Dinner

Held annually since 2005, this event includes a separate reception and dinner, followed by an interview with a global leader on a topic of current SNS interest, and the release of next-year’s annual predictions by SNS CEO Mark Anderson. These are then distributed worldwide by various news organizations, including the BBC World News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, and others. Publicly graded predictions accuracy rate since 1995: 94%.