Brett Horvath

FiRe Conference Staff; and Co-Founder and Partner, Re-Vision Labs

Brett Horvath is head of product and co-founder of Scout, a community exploring the social implications of technology. Scout members receive regular dispatches that combine near-term science fiction and reporting and receive invites to exclusive members-only events and conversations. 

Brett has experience in crowdsourcing, technology policy, interaction design, social media, climate risk, artificial intelligence, and disaster response. He regularly consults with corporations, universities, political campaigns, and governments. Brett is also an entrepreneur passionate about global development, the future of learning, augmented and virtual reality, and bringing to life "Real-Time Government."

In 2007, Brett launched the nation's first online voter registration platform, Your Revolution, which allowed voters in Washington state and Arizona to register to vote instantly from their Facebook profile, and informing the user of which of their Facebook friends were registered to vote and which weren't.

In 2008, Brett was the director of Online Organizing and Social Media for T. Boone Pickens' "Pickens Plan" campaign. He helped the campaign sign up over 1 million members in four months, and by the end of his involvement with the effort was responsible for managing a community of 1.8 million members who sent more than 8 million letters to Congress.

In 2009, Brett was asked to help create a new interdisciplinary center at the University of Washington, called the Media Space, which focuses its research and projects on how new media is changing business and society.

Then-Seattle mayor Mike McGinn asked Brett to head his Government 2.0 Task Force in order to create strategies for innovating government and the civic process. The task force helped launch Seattle's Code for America project and brings in expertise from technology leaders in the Puget Sound area and around the globe.

Brett advised Ushahidi, the crowd-sourced crisis response platform originally deployed to fight election fraud in Kenya, assisting with its experimental Playsourcing initiative. He has also advised the International Centre for Earth Simulation based in Geneva, Switzerland, working directly with founder Bob Bishop to evaluate pilot projects deploying high-performance computing to conduct holistic climate-risk modeling.

Brett is also a co-founder, and now board member, of Lumana Credit, a micro-finance cooperative based in Ghana. Lumana uses innovative ICT, community organizing techniques, and entrepreneurship training programs to identify and support leaders in rural Africa.

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Speaker at FiRe 2010, 2011, 2015

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