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SNS: Apple Lost Its Mojo,
AI Magic Has Not Arrived, Flows Matter


Transcript of Analysts' Call with Mark Anderson


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Publisher's Note: Every year, I have the pleasure of being interviewed in an online discussion for the analysts and investors of UBS bank, hosted by my longtime friend Steve Milunovich. In addition to updates on the world's technology and economic landscapes, this year's conversation touched on Cloud Evolution, Amazon's new (and complete) espousal of the SNS MALT retail technical agenda, and Apple's future. I hope SNS members will find all of this useful. mra.


Apple Lost Its Mojo, AI Magic Has Not Arrived, Flows Matter

               Transcript of Analysts' Call with Mark Anderson

We hosted Mark Anderson, CEO of Strategic News Services (SNS) and publisher of the weekly SNS Global Report on Technology and the Global Economy, which is read by technology executives worldwide. Mark laid out his predictions for 2017 and discussed technology topics such as Apple, HP Inc, cloud, AI, 3D printing, and future computing architectures.


Apple's best days have passed; Google, Amazon driving innovation

Mark believes the best days are behind Apple. Citing departures, an inability to lead and own innovations such as Siri, and failures in projects such as autonomous driving, Mark thinks the company has lost its ability to innovate without Steve Jobs. Google and Amazon are now driving the most exciting developments in tech. Mark is especially excited about Amazon Go, a grocery store concept he believes will be a huge success. Interestingly, he likes the direction HP Inc is headed relative to HPE, believing HPQ has more innovation capability as evidenced by initiatives in 3D printing.


Possibility of a cloud crash, AI "magic"has yet to be developed

We are early in the move to public cloud, but Mark sees the potential for a crash as clouds become undifferentiated. He does not yet see anything revolutionary in AI. Current AI questions are a matter of brute force. How big is your data set, how many iterations did you run? The "magic" of AI has yet to be discovered.


Moving toward non-Von Neumann computing

Human-computer interaction today is about making requests and having a computer return an answer we already knew we wanted. Mark sees a future in which advanced pattern recognition enables computers to return information we didn't ask for, forcing us to learn what we didn't understand before. Essential to this vision are new computing architectures better equipped to handle flows and pattern recognition. Mark cites IBM's True North processor as a step in this direction.


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