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Xi vs. Trump: A Three-Way Conversation



SNS: Xi vs. Trump:
A Three-Way Conversation


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This Week's Favorite Book

New York 2140 by [Robinson, Kim Stanley]

"It turns out that the [SNS] Carbon Trifecta actually makes an appearance in Kim Stanley Robinson's new novel, New York 2140, as the Anderson Trifecta. We're publishing the whole chapter this week on Scout if you want to read." - Berit Anderson, CEO, Scout; Excerpt below: 

In This Issue
Week of 5/1/2017    Vol. 22 Issue 16


"Construction? This used to release a lot of carbon, both in the creation of cement and in the operation of building machinery. Lots of explosive power needed for these jobs, and so to continue them biofuels were important; biofuel carbon was dragged out of the air, collected, burned back into the air, then dragged down again. It was a cycle that needed to stay neutral. Cement itself was mostly replaced by the various graphenated composites, in the so-called Anderson Trifecta, very elegant: carbon was sucked out of the air and turned into graphene, which was fixed into composites by 3-D printing and used in building materials, thus sequestering it and keeping it from returning to the atmosphere. So now even building infrastructure could be carbon negative (meaning more carbon removed from the atmosphere than added, for those of you wondering). How cool was that? Maybe so cool it would return the world to 280 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere, maybe even start a little ice age; people shivered with anticipation at the thought, especially glaciologists."

We're honored to have the Carbon Trifecta recognized by "Stan," a longtime FiRe participant and speaker, SNS member, and one of the finest science fiction / exploration authors today. This book has been making quite a "splash" among those who care about the reality of global warming. Highly recommended - mra.


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The 3rd Annual
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 5-8pm

Mark Anderson on

"Root Causes and Predicted
Outcomes in the Next 6-12 Months"

The year to come promises to be one built upon some of the most dramatic political and economic changes of our times, and having an accurate view of what to expect will be an invaluable tool to leaders in technology and finance.

These will include issues relating to China, economic migration, AI, energy, new computer architectures, our new flow and interaction theory, and other important and highly dynamic trends affecting corporate and country performance.

Featuring a

Special Centerpiece Conversation
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+ receptions before and after + Q&A

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Xi vs. Trump: A Three-Way Conversation

A Thoroughly Modern Play in One Act Without Words


In Person:

Xi Jinping, president, People's Republic of, China
Donald Trump, president, USA
Mark Anderson, SNS (moderator)

In Spirit:

Mao Tse-tung, founding father, People's Republic of China
Ronald Reagan, past president, USA


Offstage Actors


G100 (100 Globalist CEOs, including those of Goldman Sachs and Boeing)
Jared Kushner (the president's son-in-law and senior advisor)
Ivanka Trump (the president's daughter and other chief advisor)

Pro-US ("Trade Guys"):

Steve Bannon, chief strategist, White House
Peter Navarro, director, White House National Trade Council
Wilbur Ross Jr., US secretary of commerce
Robert Lighthizer, US trade representative nominee

Since the interview subjects are politicians, and therefore none of their spoken comments are to be trusted, the following dialog has been limited, for the purposes of truth-telling, to their private thoughts, as best as we can determine them.

As the curtain opens to the tune of "Hail to the Chief," the audience sees the following text projected in PowerPoint against a backdrop of a world map: an outtake from a recent (real) Face the Nation interview at the White House.

[Our thanks to member Russ Daggatt for the text of this and other (real) Trump interviews in this week's issue. Bold font is ours.]


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