Nathan Kundtz

EVP and CTO, Kymeta Corporation

Nathan Kundtz, Ph.D., is a founder, EVP, and CTO of Kymeta Corp. Nathan is an inventor and innovator in the area of metamaterials and microwave devices. His work at Duke University in this field is highly cited, and focused on the use of novel design techniques such as transformation optics to meet real-world needs. His work in meta-materials at Duke led to his recruitment by Intellectual Ventures in Bellevue, Washington, where he pioneered the application of meta-materials technologies in electronic beam-forming applications. The success of this technology at Intellectual Ventures ultimately led to the spinout of Kymeta Corp. in August 2012.

Kymeta is now in the process of commercializing the innovative meta-materials-based antenna for satellite communications. MIT Technology Review and CNBC included Kymeta on their lists of 2013's 50 most disruptive companies for "disrupting the status quo."

Nathan was a recipient of the Puget Sound Business Journal's "40 Under Forty" in 2013 and serves as an adjunct assistant professor of Electrical Engineering at Duke, from which he has an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Physics.

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