SNS Subscriber Edition • Volume 21, Issue 33 • Week of September 12, 2016


Special Letter

Is the Internet
at Risk?

by Jeff Hudson





SNS: Special Letter:

Is the Internet at Risk?

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    by Jeff Hudson

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Week of 9/12/2016    Vol. 21 Issue 33


Correction and Amplification:

In the forward to our recent Special Letter on India, I opened with the statement: "By the government's account, India's GDP is now higher than China's, in a two-way race for precedence that gets more interesting each year." It was quickly pointed out to me that one of the fundamental points of Rafiq Dossani's discussion in that letter regarded questioning the government's GDP figures. Clearly, my qualification re: "the government's account" was not nearly strong enough; I agree completely with Rafiq's point that the government's GDP figure is overstated.  Equally important, I should have been more specific regarding GDP: while China has a higher figure in dollars than India, we believe that India's GDP growth rate is considerably higher than China's, despite such overstatement, given our estimate that China's figure is now negative, and has been for at least several quarters. - mra.


Publisher's Note: It's impossible to imagine what would happen to global society if somehow the Internet were to become dysfunctional, or just "untrusted," overnight. And yet, as Venafi CEO Jeff Hudson points out this week, this is not just possible; it's also likely, unless we take steps now to improve Net security. 

Our members will be reading this Special Letter in the same week that Bruce Schneier has raised the question of whether a specific nation (he suggests it may be China) has been probing Net infrastructure companies in patterns that suggest planning for a future, massive attack on the Net itself.

Not long ago, I asked Vint Cerf, the "father of the Internet," about his views on its security.  Without a moment's hesitation, he pointed out that security had never been part of its design. More recently, he has been suggesting a new version of the Net, one that has security "baked into" its fundamental engineering principles and architecture.

When some of the smartest security people in the world are telling us that the Net itself is at risk, it's time for us to pull our collective heads out of the sand and do something, before the inevitable inevitably occurs. 

Our members will want a deeper understanding of why the Net is at risk, and what they, and their companies, can do about it. - mra.


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