SNS Subscriber Edition • Volume 22, Issue 20 • Week of May 29, 2017


The Real
China Plan

Part I: Going Out



SNS: The Real China Plan
Part I: Going Out

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Book of the Week:

Capability of the People's Republic of China to Conduct Cyber Warfare and Computer Network Exploitation by [Krekel, Bryan]

A slightly dated, but still quite insightful, piece on how real wars will be fought, starting now. WannaCry, anyone? - mra.


The Third  Annual

SNS Predictions : West


A Centerpiece Conversation
with Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

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Root Causes and Predicted Outcomes
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The Real China Plan

     Part I: Going Out

President Trump is not the only person being efficiently manipulated by the People's Republic of China. The Communist Party has made active, effective, and intelligent changes in its approach to the West (the "Inventing Nations"), beginning with the US/China agreement to end cybertheft of crown jewel IP.

Actions vs. Words

Contrary to Western (and Asian) media stories on the issue of China's behavior, and to the many media stories planted by China on its actions and intentions, the country's actions in espionage, theft, trade threats, and market domination through illegal practices have ramped up rather than declined. Because the propaganda from China has been effective, if also often patently obvious (as prior to Xi meeting Trump), I thought this would be a timely topic for this week's issue.

Specifically, we have seen nothing in print that shows the Chinese effort as an integrated set of offensive and illegal behaviors, since this pivot in September 2015. The US system of news cycles, siloed interests, and short-term memory combines to prevent public awareness of any master plan - a weakness shared by other democracies with free speech - while the Chinese (and Russian) approach is thoughtful, planned, integrated, and intelligent in both strategy and tactics.


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