SNS Subscriber Edition • Volume 23, Issue 6 • Week of February 19, 2018


Russia Flipped
the US Election

by Berit Anderson



SNS: Russia Flipped the US Election

by Berit Anderson


In This Issue
Week of 02/19/2018 Vol. 23 Issue 6


Publisher's Note: SNS members may know Berit Anderson, founding CEO of, through her appearance at FiRe 2018, where she was interviewed by the BBC's Ed Butler (published in these pages as an SNS transcript) on Russian interference in democratic elections, from Lithuania and Ukraine to the US. (See "SNS: Computational Propaganda," Jan. 4, 2018.)

This week's issue, the result of an intensive research dive by Berit and others on the SNS team, was driven by the increasingly obvious question: Did Russia actually flip the US election, rather than just meddle in it? None of the research done to date seemed well-enough informed regarding techniques, numbers, and results to be even close to accurate. 

Watching the social-media executives - who represent only part of this story - stumble over themselves as the real numbers describing Russian interference continue to escalate only underlines a trend that ultimately leads to a shocking conclusion.

Every member interested in freedom of speech and preservation of democracy will want to read this week's issue, regardless of party, persuasion, or country. All of us are affected. - mra.



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