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SNS: The Pattern Computer


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Book of the Week:

For those SNS members at the launch of Pattern Computer Inc. last week, you already have the hardcover version of our book on Pattern Discovery, which came out a few days ago.

This format is also now available on Amazon, which might suggest that we'll be doing the "hard launch" of the book sometime soon. Companies that are interested in larger sales and distributions, and / or talks about Pattern Discovery, should contact me directly at - mra.


The Pattern Future: Finding the World's Great Secrets and Predicting the Future Using Pattern Discovery by [Anderson, Mark]




The Pattern Computer

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka!" but "That's funny"

- Isaac Asimov


It isn't every day that a world-class team gets to do a complete re-design on solving the world's toughest problems, creating a new computing paradigm using proprietary computing architecture. And it's even more unusual that when the system is first booted up, it works, and it immediately begins making major discoveries - "Pattern Discoveries" - that have never been seen before.

Last week, Pattern Computer Inc. created Splash1!, celebrating the company's public launch and its exit from stealth mode. Staged on May 23rd at San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum, the presser included a morning press reception, an hourlong presentation, and a light lunch. Attendees included global press (the target audience) in computing, biomed, and business; staff; investors; members of the PCI advisory board; and influencers from San Francisco and the Valley.

(Full disclosure: I am the CEO of this exciting company, and many of the staff have come from the ranks of SNS members and their network of friends.)

For this week's issue, instead of describing what we told the press last week, we thought it would be more interesting to share slices of the video of Splash1! with SNS members, punctuated by text introductions and summaries to underline video highlights.

So, for the first time, the SNS Global Report will be a hybrid document, from top to bottom.


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