SNS Subscriber Edition • Volume 23, Issue 25 • Week of July 30, 2018


Special Letter
Nutritional Microanalysis:
From Theory
to Practice

by Denyse Hudson



SNS Special Letter:

nutritional microanalysis: From Theory to Practice

by Denyse Hudson


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Week of 07/30/2018 Vol. 23 Issue 25


Publisher's Note: When we launched the Nutritional Microanalysis initiative some years ago, we did it because it seemed literally inevitable that, in time, the medical establishment would have to come around to understanding the diagnostic - and curative - value of tracking and understanding our daily physical inputs. How could a modern physician hope to comprehend the health state of her patient without a detailed knowledge of what he had been eating, drinking, and breathing over the last period of time? More important, how could she hope to cure that patient without using that knowledge to change those inputs in a biochemical walk toward a healthier state?

We may have been a bit optimistic in our sense of how long it would take for this to catch the attention of the establishment, but those days are now upon us.

In this week's discussion, NM research director Denyse Hudson helps bring our members up to date on some of the most important technical and biochemical advances made over the last decade in what may yet become the most important field of modern medical practice. As the old adage goes, We are what we eat. And our health states are the result. - mra.



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