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SNS: The New Global Economy

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October 8-11, 2019
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  • GeorgeDyson,technology historian &nonfiction author
  • KimStanley Robinson,Hugo-winning author ofscience fiction
  • KimberlyDozier,global affairs analyst, CNN,and Daily Beast contributor
  • GeorgeChurch,geneticist & professor,MIT & Harvard (invited)

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The New GlobalEconomy


After the Global Financial Collapse, in 2007, the FinancialTimes announced that "no trained economist" had predicted this, the mostimportant economic event of a modern economist's career. Further down the econconfusion chain, one can add journalists interviewing these economists, andthen journalists interviewing journalists about these economists, and, in thelowest level of Dante's Economic Misinformation Purgatorio, we have the Wall Streetpundits, who daily attribute market changes to the flavor of the moment.

It would be helpful to all of us if any of these peopleunderstood how the real economy works, vs. the theory of - and Street rumorsabout - how companies and countries make their money.


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