SNS Subscriber Edition • Volume 24, Issue 15 • Week of May 13, 2019


The Future
of Identity &
Online Privacy

A Panel Discussion
with Berit Anderson,
The Honorable Valeriy Chaly,
and Steve Shillingford



SNS: The Future of Identity & Online Privacy

A Panel Discussion with Berit Anderson,
The Honorable Valeriy Chaly, and Steve Shillingford

Hosted by Ed Butler


In This Issue
Week of 5/13/2019 Vol. 24 Issue 15


FiRe 2019 Speaker Spotlight Jacobs has been to Future in Review before. As the CEO of Qualcomm, Paul first came as a speaker in 2006. In 2012, he and his father, Irwin Jacobs - Qualcomm's founder - took the stage at FiRe for a rare father-son interview.

Last year, after nine years as Qualcomm's CEO and another four as its executive chair, Paul stepped down from his board position, announcing plans to take the company private. Now he is captaining a new boat - a company called XCOM, which develops technologies to tackle problems with 5G such as high latency and low reliability. As CEO and chair, he's working closely with some of Qualcomm's former top brass - including XCOM CTO Matthew Grob, who served as Qualcomm's chief technology officer from 2011 to 2017; and Derek Aberle, Qualcomm's former president. 

We're delighted to welcome Paul Jacobs back to the stage to talk about XCOM and the future of connectivity at Future in Review 2019, which will take place October 8-11 in La Jolla, California. Learn more about FiRe and register here.


Publisher's Note:
This week, we are offering members the best discussion I've seen on one of the most important topics in the world: how do we recognize, and defeat, those practicing information warfare against democracies? What percentage of posters on a major trending Twitter story (or Instagram, or Facebook) are bots? How do we recognize them, and how do we train ourselves - and our children - to ignore them? How do we get rid of them altogether?

Berit Anderson broke the story on Cambridge Analytica and Russian manipulation, and continues to speak around the world on this subject. Steve Shillingford works to understand and defeat these global attacks on the truth in real time. Ukrainian Ambassador Valeriy Chaly represents the nation used by Russia as its test bed before moving new info-weapons on to the US and elsewhere. And Ed Butler, senior broadcast journalist at the BBC and our longtime media partner at FiRe, provides the grounding and intelligent guidance that this almost-unbelievable-but-true story requires. 

Altogether, this becomes a Must Read for anyone interested in post-Internet society. - mra


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