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Special Letter:
An Economic
View of

by Alex Gounares


SNS Special Letter:
An Economic View of Cybersecurity

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FiRe 2019 Speaker Spotlight

As chief medical information officer and assistant medical director for Kaiser Permanente, Mattisonfocuses on transforming care delivery with information technology through the convergence of exponential technologies and data liquidity. He led the design and implementation of the largest integrated electronic health record in the US and leads various national programs, including virtual care. He is an active participant on several global initiatives to bring internet services to underserved communities, providing access to both jobs and healthcare.

Mattison also chairs the eHealth Workgroup of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH). He is a board member of Open mHealth and an advisory board member of the NIH-funded Policy and Ethics in Precision Medicine, teaches at multiple universities including Singularity University, and has published widely on privacy, policy, security, IOT, global genomics collaboration, interoperability, mobile health, and healthcare transformation.

As the founder of the international XML standard for health record interoperability (known as CDA, CCD, and CCDA), Mattison is a pioneer in thinking about how artificial intelligence and humans can work side by side to improve the field of medicine. We're delighted to welcome John Mattison to the stage at FiRe 2019 for a discussion about the future of AI-human interaction. 

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Publisher's Note: Alex Gounares is not only a globally respected technology expert and CTO, and the CEO of an exciting new startup in cybersecurity - he is also leading a team that has taken a dramatic new approach to protecting hacker targets. At a time when most of us have just about given up on the idea of a technological answer to the growing number of attacks on our systems, Alex's approach brings new hope. 

Even so, as he points out in this important essay, it only provides half the answer. Until there's a meaningful incentive for top executives to pay much more attention to this problem, no amount of technical savvy will win the day. 

As the head of MI6 once wrote to the top 500 business leaders of Britain: There are two kinds of CEOs today - those who have been hacked and know it, and those who have been hacked and don't know it. 

I trust that SNS members are in the second category, and will find Alex's insights both inspiring and useful. - MRA


Special Letter:

An Economic View of Cybersecurity

    by Alex Gounares

SNS members are no strangers to the magnitude of the challenge of cybersecurity hacks, thanks in no small part to the work done at
INVNT/IP. The challenge extends across nearly every aspect of our society, from personal data and privacy to national security - and the rise of the Internet of Things will only increases the importance. What would happen if every self-driving automobile were suddenly hacked and out of control?

Unfortunately, despite decades of investment in cybersecurity, traditional approaches such as firewalls, antivirus defenses, and machine-learning detection have failed to keep up with attackers.

Put simply, we are losing.



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