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Asia Letter, Q4 2019:

Concern and



SNS: Asia Letter, Q4 2019:
Concern and Disappointment

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Our roster of 2019 speakers and moderators includes:

  • Dmitri Alperovitch, Co-Founder and CTO, CrowdStrike
  • Paul Jacobs, CEO, XCOM (fmr. CEO, Qualcomm)
  • Pamela Brody-Heine, Director, Clean Electronics Production Network, Green America
  • Mark Dankberg, Chair and CEO, Viasat
  • Hillel Cooperman, SVP, User Experience Design, Oracle
  • Chris Hegedus, Documentary Filmmaker, Pennebaker Hegedus Films
  • Jim Louderback, GM, VidCon
  • Jeffrey Hussey, President and CEO, Tempered Networks
  • Ilshat H. Kokbore, President, Uyghur American Association
  • Derek Harp, Founder and Chairman, Control System Cyber Security Assoc. International (CS2AI)
  • Susan C. Schnabel, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director, aPriori Capital Partners
  • Paul Clayson, CEO, AgilePQ
  • Junaid Islam, Cybersecurity Expert, OODA
  • Manfred Krischke, Co-Founder and CEO, Cloudeo
  • Kimberly Dozier, Global Affairs Analyst, CNN; Contributor, The Daily Beast
  • James Wagoner, Co-Founder and CEO, Joule Case
  • Steve Sherman, President and COO - NuPlastiQ, BioLogiQ Inc.
  • Stephen Honikman, Co-Founder and CEO, Emergent Microgrid
  • Kimberly Prather, Distinguished Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry, UCSD
  • Elizabeth Unger, National Geographic Explorer and Filmmaker
  • Paul Maher, General Manager, Microsoft
  • Harri Hursti, Founding Partner and Hacker, Nordic Innovation Labs
  • Susi Snyder, Nobelist and President, ICAN
  • George Church, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School; Director,
  • Anand Rao, Partner, Advisory Services, and Global AI Lead, PwC
  • Richard Romanowski, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Planet Ark Power
  • J. Augusto de Oliveira, EVP & CTO, Cypress Semiconductor
  • H.E. Ambassador Abraham Wen-Shang Chu, Director General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles
  • Michael Ashley, Owner & Creative Content, Ink Wordsmiths LLC
  • Bob Flores, CEO, Applicology Inc., and former CTO, CIA
  • John Mattison, Emeritus Asst. Medical Director and CMIO, Kaiser Permanente
  • Ali Douraghy, Chief Strategy Officer, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Berkeley Lab
  • Anne Hardy, CSO, Join Digital Inc.
  • Jody R. Westby, CEO, Global Cyber Risk
  • Kim Stanley Robinson, Hugo-Winning Author of Science Fiction
  • Judy Korin (Producer) and Pedro Kors (Writer / Producer), The Great Hack
  • Maryanne Morrow, CEO, 9th Gear Technologies Inc.
  • Jack Gilbert, Professor, UCSD School of Medicine and Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Group Leader for Microbial Ecology, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Steve Fey, CEO, Totem Building Cybersecurity
  • David Gruber, Presidential Professor of Biology, City University of New York / National Geographic Society
  • Pam Taub, Founder and Director, Step Family Foundation Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, Jacobs Medical Center, UCSD
  • Georg Kopetz, CEO, TTTech Auto AG
  • Vanessa Pegueros, Board Member, Carbon Black and BECU; former VP and CISO, DocuSign
  • Jerry Schwartz, CEO, Ecellix Inc.
  • Satchin Panda, Professor, Regulatory Biology Laboratory, Salk Institute
  • David Brin, Founder, Futures Unlimited; Sci-Fi Author & Physicist
  • Lyndsay Keys, Documentary Filmmaker, The Lyme Trials LLC
  • Rob Knight, Founding Director, Center for Microbiome Innovation; Professor, Pediatrics and Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD
  • David Ewing Duncan, Author and Independent Correspondent; CEO, Arc Programs
  • John Wells, Producer and Co-Host, "Cool Science Radio," KPCW (NPR Affiliate)
  • Larry Smarr, Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2); Harry Gruber Professor of Engineering, UCSD
  • The Pattern Computer Team (

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Publisher's Note: In this release of our regular Asia Letter, Asia editor Scott Foster clearly paints the economic, technical, and military tensions that are the outfalls of US China tariffs, and Chinese territorial / military adventurism. Ultimately, those who end up paying for China's decision to persevere with a model based on stealing both inventions and territory will be not only China, but also its unfortunate neighbors. It feels as though we are reaching a breaking point, as dictator Xi refuses to make any meaningful change. Read on. - mra


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