SNS Subscriber Edition • Volume 24, Issue 37 • Week of December 9, 2019

Special Letter:

The Future of Energy:
Facing the
"New Normal"



SNS Special Letter:

The Future of Energy: Facing the "New Normal"


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Week of 12/9/2019 Vol. 24 Issue 37


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"China's Espionage in America"

With Special Guest
The Hon. John C. Demers

Assistant Attorney General
for National Security,
The United States Department of Justice

April 23, 2020
Reception, Talks & Dinner, 6pm
Lotte New York Palace Hotel
New York, New York




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Publisher's Note: For many people, from investors to customers, when they first see Joule Case's high-design stacked storage systems, their immediate response is: I would like a few of those. While this may sound trivial at first read, it isn't: this is exactly the curbside appeal that local energy storage will need if the the world is to move from polluting, centralized power distribution to a new future based on the opposite.

For those SNS members who are ready to go Now with moving to this final "missing bit" of the revamped power grid, please read on. Joule Case has properly understood that this part of the equation is not so much technical as it is commercial. Look out, Elon, here comes your next competitor. - mra



Special Letter:

The Future of Energy: Facing the "New Normal"

     by James Wagoner


In September 2017, just after unpacking their new home in Sonoma County, Melinda Phoenix and her family awoke to a phone call. "Get out now!" the neighbor's voice yelled through the phone. Outside, the sky glowed red and smoke choked the air. Mel's toddlers were asleep when she pulled them out of their beds and strapped them into their car seats. Jon, her husband, followed in his truck. Within a quarter-mile, the road was surrounded by flames. White-knuckled, Melinda drove through a tunnel of burning trees with the determination that only a mother saving her children can source. Thoughts surged through her mind: Would the metal of the car hold up to the heat? Would the gas tank catch fire? Would the tires melt before they got out?

Once they were safely out of the fire, Melinda and her children stood, shaking, with hundreds of other families, watching their homes and town burn. She scanned the edge of the fireline looking for her husband's truck. After 20 heart-stopping minutes, a fire engine emerged, and Jon jumped out. He was covered in soot, eyes swollen and red. He'd lost his truck to a tree. He asked, with a trembling voice, "Is everyone is ok? Is everyone alive?"[1]


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