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Strategic News Service
SNS Subscriber Edition • Volume 25, Issue 2 • Week of January 13, 2020


The Genetically Altered Future
A Discussion with George Church
Hosted by David Ewing Duncan


SNS: The Genetically Altered Future
A Discussion with George Church

Hosted by David Ewing Duncan


In This Issue
Week of 1/13/2020 Vol. 25 Issue 2


Coming April 23!

FiReSide NYC

With Special Guest

The Honorable John C. Demers

Assistant Attorney General
for National Security,
United States Department of Justice


"Spy vs. You:
What Every CEO Needs to Know"

Interviewed by:

Evan Anderson, CEO, INVNT/IP
(Subject of 60 Minutes' "The Great Brain Robbery")

Reception, Talks & Dinner, starting at 5:30pm

April 23, 2020

Lotte New York Palace Hotel
Madison Avenue
New York, New York



Publisher's Note:  Those smart SNS members who were able to attend FiRe 2019 had the benefit of yet another intellectual-fireworks show, this year in the hands of author and scientist George Church. While virtually everyone already knows who George is, thanks in no small part to published interviews by SNSer David Ewing Duncan (see below), we came upon the idea of asking him to lead off FiRe through several channels at once. David, during his latest book launch, was first to suggest George; followed by Larry Smarr, who calls him "one of the three smartest people I know"; followed in turn by a wave of affirmations that George was indeed the perfect person to kick off FiRe.

In retrospect, we can now confirm that they were all spot-on. Like the past great global thought leaders who have opened FiRe before him, George covered so much - and such important and original - intellectual territory in his opening-night presentation that many of us are still talking about it. From CRISPR and genetic modification to revolutionizing healthcare (and the definition of "health"), to life extension, synthetic life, personal genomics, and driving down the cost of just about everything, George's original views and ideas excited and challenged all of us.

For all of these reasons, we thought we really had no choice but to share George with the rest of our members. Whether or not you agree with him, I guarantee that you will think, and talk, about George's ideas in the weeks, and perhaps years, to come. - mra


The Genetically Altered Future

George Church, Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

With host David Ewing Duncan, Journalist, Author, and CEO, Arc Fusion

FiRe 2019 Conference

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - The Lodge at Torrey Pines - La Jolla, California

Photos © 2018 Kris Krug

David Ewing Duncan: Good morning, everyone. I have the distinct pleasure to be able to actually ask a lot of questions to the guy who spoke last night. I'm David Ewing Duncan, journalist, entrepreneur; I write for WIRED, New York Times, Vanity Fair, several books. I've worked with George - I don't know, how many articles have we done? Way too many, probably. I've followed his career - wow! 15 years plus? - and I gotta tell you, one of the exciting things that happens to me each quarter or so is I go and I visit George in his office at Harvard, and we sit in his office and we just sort of riff, and I hear what George is thinking about.


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