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Fake Gold, Luckin Coffee, and the Arrest of a
Law Professor

China's "Stability Maintenance"
Gets Desperate

     by Berit Anderson

When coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, across the street from the city's infectious-disease lab, the Chinese Communist Party refused to admit WHO investigators to track its origins and spread. It silenced doctors who tried to sound the alarm about the intensity and seriousness of the epidemic.

Xu Zhangrun, a professor of law at Tsinghua University, decided then that he must do something few Chinese would have the audacity to do. The successful completion of this thing would almost certainly result in his imprisonment, possibly even his death. His family and friends would likely be cast out of society, their mere proximity to him scuttling their ability to travel either internationally or domestically, essentially barring them from public transportation or applying for a loan.

Mr. Zhangrun was writing an essay.


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