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Last week, the world watched as an armed white nationalist mob, peppered with former military, at least one state representative, and several police officers, broke into the US Capitol building, beat and injured members of the Capitol Police (at least one of them fatally), and tried to violently force themselves into the secure room where - and I can't stress this enough - THE ENTIRE LEGISLATIVE BODY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WAS SHELTERING.

It is now clear that Russian hackers have fully infiltrated nearly every arm of US government and the majority of the Fortune 500. Global Covid deaths have reached another all-time high - more than 15,000 were reported on January 9. And with Arctic ice caps melting at record speed, the one potential benefit - additional photosynthetic capabilities by Arctic greenery - is being outweighed by losses in the tropics, according to a new NASA study.

On top of all this, I haven't hugged my grandmother in nearly a year, and it won't stop raining in Seattle.

And yet, I've never been more optimistic about the future of democracy and the climate.

I'll say that again. I have never been more optimistic about the future of democracy and the climate. Here's why.


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